Plasma Welding Solutions

SBI plasma welding systems are multifunctional inverter power sources, developed for plasma joint, cladding and spot welding. They can be used for TIG and manual electrode welding.

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Turnkey Systems

We love innovative solutions and see enormous opportunities in automation. PLASMA technology is easy to implement for this.

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing of large metal structures often refers to WAAM® or Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.

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Intake Manifold

The main driver in automotive - beside quality and repeatability - is cycle-time. Produce as much as possible in short time. For welding of small components, we offer the perfect solution to meet this requirement with our patent Plasma Spot Welding process.

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Liquid Natural Gas Tanks - LNG

More than a box of metal sheet!

Liquid natural gas tanks in are high-tech monsters inside a Tanker. They need to handle huge temperature differences from -160°C to +40°C or more, if still empty. Also the volume changes during transportation, as liquid gas continuously evaporates. To compensate these severe environmental impacts, the walls are engineered to compensate for these changes.

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Print for Space

Rocket Science?

Although its not rocket science it has the potential to make things easier in the Thermosphere and above. The talk is about Plasma Metal Deposition (PMD) for space applications.

Because space is an uncomfortable place it is essential to use materials with high toughness, one of those is titanium. Due its excellent corrosion resistance compared with its specific strength it is a superior material for such applications. One of its drawbacks is its high price and that’s the point where PMD is entering the game.

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In Oil-Drilling applications turning parts show significant wear at very specific spots. The hard banding technology by plasma processes offers a very smart and heavily approved solution to this challenge.

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Space - Propellant Tanks

Joint welding of satellite propellant tank

Satellite propellant tanks are often made of titanium due two reasons. First titanium offers a great specific strength and second it has good corrosion resistance.

Lifting a mass of 1kg into the orbit is not a bargain - starting at 2,500€ and rising up to several 10,000€ depending on the orbit height. To save weight and therefore money for the rocket start, propellant tanks of satellites are made of thin titanium sheets with a thickness between 0.8-1.2mm. This thin titanium skin acts as a tight membrane. To withstand the enormous pressure resulting due the gauge pressure and the evacuated space, the titanium membrane is wrapped by carbon or glass fibre reinforced plastic layers.

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Wine Tanks

Welding of tanks for wine storage and transportation

In the processing & handling of beverages, stainless steels are the favoured materials to use. Thanks to their good durability against corrosion and their low affinity to release alloying elements, stainless steels are a superb choice for this task. Plasma Spot Welding is used to join stainless steels in an economic way, the focused plasma arc and the additional shielding gas enable fast and safe welding procedures.

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