Welding Unit for longitudinal seam welding of corners up to a radius of 50mm

Part sizes to be welded:

  • Smallest: 295mm x 237mm
  • Largest: 914mm x 610mm
  • Wall thicknesses: Minimum: 0,8mm
  • Maximum: 3,0mm
  • Material: 304 stainless steel

The main components of the machine:

  • Longitudinal and height axis with stepper motor
  • Tilting axis with stepper motor
  • Electrical height and width adjustment of the support
  • Sliding chuck jaws
  • Pneumatic clamping with pressure adjustment
  • 5,7” Touch screen control with job memory, moveable
  • Safety guard with light curtain
  • Integrated plasma power source
  • Electronic plasma gas control 0,1 ÷ 5,0l/min
  • Flowmeter shielding gas, adjustment range 2.0 ÷ 20l/min
  • Flowmeter backing gas, adjustment range 2.0 ÷ 20l/min
  • Flowmeter trailing gas, adjustment range 2.0 ÷ 20l/min
  • Integrated water cooling system for support and plasma torch
  • Plasma Torch 3A, 180°, 4m, QC
  • Trailing gas unit
  • Cold wire equipment

Technical characteristics of the plasma power source:

  • Supply voltage: 3x400V-460V ±15% 50/60Hz
  • Power connection: cable AWG8, open end
  • Maximum welding current at 35% on-time (40°C): 350A
  • Maximum welding current at 60% on-time (40°C): 320A
  • Maximum welding current at 100% on-time (40°C): 280A
  • Adjustment range welding current: 5-350A
  • Maximum pilot current at 35% on-time (40°C): 50A
  • Maximum pilot current at 100% on-time (40°C): 30A
  • Adjustment range pilot current: 0,5-50A