Welding portal system for powder coating of drill collars and stabilizers.


  • The fully automated 6 axes CNC machine will then guarantee that parts up to 15m can be hardfaced with the highest quality standards.
  • Low heat input keeps dilution to a minimum and the alloy maintains optimum wear-resistant properties.
  • The heat affected zone can be easily controlled and the part distortion is avoided
  • Thin walled components will not be damaged and mechanical properties of the base material will not be effected too much
  • Reproducible process
  • Homogeneous coating deposition with constant and controlled quality


  • Max. part diameter: 670mm (26”)
  • Max length: 9.750mm (32ft.)
  • Max weight: 1000kg (2200lbs)

Loading and unloading of the parts is done manually. All electrical axes are CNC controlled. The system is programmed via predefined screen masks.

The machine is operated by a portable touch panel.

Welding- and machine parameters, set up and teaching of positions are entered in the same operating panel.

Remote maintenance and software updates are possible via an Ethernet IP interface.

Mechanical specifications:

  • Steel construction
  • 3 cross beam supports with levelling feet
  • Turning device with levelling feet
  • Automatic central lubrication at the gantry system
  • Wipers on the guide rails
  • Weight: approx. 10.000kg