The main driver in automotive - beside quality and repeatability - is cycle-time. Produce as much as possible in short time. For welding of small components, we offer the perfect solution to meet this requirement with our patent Plasma Spot Welding process.

Intake manifold

The intake manifold is a complex part of the vehilce´s engine comprising numerous different parts of several materials. In this application the adjustment lever needs to be joined to the shaft considering the surrounding sealings, bearing area out of plastic materials will not be destroyed.

The positioning of the part is fully automated and securred before the welding starts. Due to the high energy density of the plasma arc, the welding time is very short resulting in a decent heat input.

View of the assembled and welded part
Closeup of the welded adjustment lever

Due to technical as well as economical benefits, several OEMs are using Plasma Spot Welding as state of the art process for this application.