Of course, in-house developed control software is also available for our entire SBI product range. All the data from the SBI devices are bundled in this and can be conveniently parameterized, documented and automatically monitored as ongoing process control.

The PCS enables the graphical display of the entire welding data such as the welding current or welding voltage curve and supplies all quality factors of performed welds. In combination with the automation interface of the plasma inverter, e.g. Rejected parts are automatically detected and taken out of production. In addition, the PCS documents all welds using data reports.

The Plasma Control Software PCS can be run on any commercially available PC or notebook with the current Windows operating system. All interfaces, setpoints and actual values of the PMI or PSW are thus accessible. Welding programs can be saved and archived via the PC.

Remote maintenance and software updates can be easily implemented via the integrated Internet uplink.

News from our development department for the current version

By using new program routines and algorithms, it was possible to reduce the load on the control CPU by 15% for benchmarked tasks and thus significantly increase performance. Furthermore, a TCP / IP connection was established between the CPUs so that recipe parameters can be exchanged between the controllers in a very short time (50 ms). The recipe management classes were minimized and outsourced in a specially developed process so that the recipe loading time was simulated on a test device. The loading time could be reduced from 8 seconds to 0.5 seconds, thus improving the process time many times over!