High-quality industrial camera

In the case of automated processes, it is usually not possible for the operator to monitor the process from close by. For visualization purposes, a welding camera should deliver images of the arc, wire and melt in color and with a high dynamic range. The SBI welding camera ArcCam is equipped with autofocus as standard. The direct communication between the welding machine and the camera system enables the data to be recorded and visualized in parallel. The form factor is particularly small in order to be able to install a camera even in structures that are difficult to access.

The extreme light emission of the arc harbors the risk that a high dynamic range is achieved in the course of the image processing. The ArcCam delivers color images of the welding process in high resolution (HD), with a high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate (60fps), in addition, successive images with up to 8 different exposure times are combined without loss of information.

With the help of the liquid lens lens and the new LCD shutter, the software can be used to focus quickly and precisely, and the focal length and incidence of light can be set without any mechanically moving parts.

The plug-in angle attachment enables very flexible use and a reduction in the space required for installation and operation.


Quality and productivity

  • Auto focus function
  • Robust plug & play camera system
  • Plug-in capable via C-mounting rail and various mounting options
  • Video data synchronized with the recorded welding data.
  • Clear image with high-contrast of the arc, welding pool and SeamTracking (HDR) in real time
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Quick and easy replacement of protective glass
  • Two cameras possible in parallel in one application
  • Video recordings

The ArcCam was developed as an observation monitor and recording system for the welding process. AL stands for Advanced Line for our current robust high-performance camera system for live visualization of the melt pool for processes such as plasma, TIG, MIG, MAG or LASER.



1920 x 1200 pixels

Frame Rate Maximum:

38fps (at full resolution)

Pixel size:


Shutter type:



GiGE Vision

Focal length:


Variable (Auto) Focus:

10cm - ∞


Ethernet M12, power supply/trigger M12, LED M8, cooling, Gas flushing

Ethernet cable length max.:





Compression types:

Full Frames, Raw Uncompressed, DV Video Encoder, MJPEG Compressor

Storage location:

variably adjustable

Cameras per application:

1 or 2