Technical Specifications

PF-2 Powder feeder

Max. Input

120 VA

motor voltage

24 VDC

engine power

105 W


wheeldrive systems

powder sizes

50-300 µm

feeding speed

0,1 – 10 kg/hr

SBI high-tech powder feed module

With our powder feeder modules you get a precision tool for the controlled delivery of different powders.

We have completely rethought our powder feeder modules, integrated the tried and tested, incorporated practical experience and implemented smart solutions. With the pneumatic clamping mechanism and a clear and easily accessible structure, we have developed a quick wire change system that is optimized for various additional materials or welding wires and can react very variably and reliably. A new system with knurled screws has been implemented to fix the wire rolls, which allows a quick change without tools. The power could be extended for a tensile force of at least 15kg, whereby the curve for aluminum wires is even at least 18kg. The contact pressure of the cylinder is 4bar.