Multi-functional unit – the perfect equipment for plasma welding

Plasma welding has important advantages and offers an attractive alternative to laser welding, where high quality is required, particularly for metal sheets and other components.

However, unlike TIG welding, the arc is constricted and concentrated via a copper nozzle. This enables a higher power density. The high concentration of the arc enables square butt welding, avoiding the need for „V“ or „J“ type joint preparations. Dramatic reductions in the use of filler wire become possible.

The high power density arc permits much higher welding speeds compared to TIG – often increases of 100% or more are attainable; not only does this save time and money, deeper weld penetration is an added benefit. The tungsten electrode has a far longer life as it is positioned inside the plasma nozzle and is thus protected from contamination.

The use of a pilot arc to initiate the transferred welding arc eliminates the risk of HF interference with automated equipment. Often 10.000 or more welds can be made before the electrode needs replacement.

An automation interface enables the unit to be used in robotic and automated applications.

The welding filler alloy, in gas atomized powder or cold wire form is conveyed into the weld pool where the shielding gas protects it from the atmosphere. The plasma arc and the heat input can be far better controlled than a conventional electric arc and the energy is almost completely spent to melt the filler metal, reducing the heat input and dilution to the minimum.