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M3DP – Metallic 3D Printing with plasma and wire, a solution for large structural parts

Metallic 3D Printing (M3DP) is a Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process and works with a plasma arc and welding wire. The plasma torch is moved by a CNC gantry system along an arbitrary path and creates a weld pool on a substrate plate. By adding wire into the weld pool material deposition is achieved. Putting one deposition over the previous a desired part can be generated.
M3DP is a high-performance AM-process in terms of deposition rate, build volume and economic issues. Its focus is to print large, massive parts for structural applications. Mechanical postprocessing like milling and lathing is almost always necessary. Typical fields of applications are automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, tool making, print to forge applications as well as service and maintenance.

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